The SXSW 2018 Jammies

The 2018 SXSW Jammie Award for BEST PERFORMANCE goes to…. KOLARS!

Congratulations to these overall nice people. They are the real deal. For the record Calliope Musicals was a very close runner up and takes home the award for best SXSW 2018 AUSTIN BAND and SXSW 2018 BEST SATURDAY PERFORMANCE.

BEST TUESDAY PERFORMANCE – Caitlyn Smith, who impressed us with her belting voice and fresh performance.

BEST WEDNESDAY PERFORMANCE – Kernel, who should consider changing their name to Mother Klucker! The real winner today was the Weather Up bar who hosted a fantastic lineup in a great environment with lovely free drinks!

Also, if we hadn’t been so exhausted we may have chosen Okkervil River‘s performance at Stubb’s. Those who stayed said it was stellar.

BEST THURSDAY PERFORMANCE – KOLARS, who won best overall performance as well. They have the talent, the showmanship, the sound, and are actually really nice people. See this band! They will be in San Francisco @ Bottom of the Hill March 28. Expect a crowd!

BEST FRIDAY PERFORMANCE – Paul Cauthen, country musician from Austin, he is a hipster cowboy who says that he is on a mission: to make music he can be proud of that also serves a higher purpose. “On this album, I wanted to push a message that tells people that life’s short. Love the ones you’re with. Just take any opportunity to run with it––don’t think twice.” That fit’s well with how we feel this week too.

BEST SATURDAY PERFORMANCE – Calliope Musicals, an Austin band that brings the fun of a Flaming Lips show (complete with dancing animals and confetti) and combines it with a strong female front woman with incredible pipes! Woo! This is a party!!!

BEST SUNDAY PERFORMANCE – Shinyribs , another Austin band, formed from the ashes of the Gourds, has created a major following. Seeing them play the small stage at Lucy’s Fried Chicken during a rainstorm was perfect.

The 2018 SXSW Jammie Awards are sponsored by sitting in our pajamas (aka “jammies”) on Sunday morning after SXSW with a big pot of coffee.

Who was your favorite band of SXSW?

A few of ours are:


We also heard these folks were great:



SXSW 2018

I’ve been making a cheat sheet for years to guide my sxsw adventures and now you have access to my notes. Go to the menu link above and check out the SXSW Shows to Watch page. Have fun!

SX (south by) is kicking in gear and I’ve heard some sentiment that there aren’t a lot of bands playing that are well know, which might seem like a bad thing. It isn’t. When too many bands you’ve heard of are playing it gets too crazy. Though counter-intuitive, it’s actually better when there are a few bands you like that direct you toward other bands you never expected to hear. That’s how you end up at the Imagine Dragons show with 25 other people who dragged themselves out on day 4 of SXSW, on a Saturday morning, pumping your fist and nodding after saying, “that band was pretty good”. (Jenn, I need you to look back and tell me what year that was.) It was a few weeks before we heard them on the radio and they blew up. That’s what make sx so special, the unknowns.


Wild Child @ Waterloo Records

Austin’s own Wild Child played a full set at the local record store, with owner John Kunz looking on like a proud uncle. Again, this is why I love Austin. See this band when they come to your town. Their x-country tour starts next week and they will be in Europe in May. Perhaps we will run into them in Amsterdam!

Curtis Roush (from Bright Light Social Hour)


Curtis Roush, the studious looking member of the raucous Austin band, The Bright Light Social Hour has a new solo album out today. Last night I had a chance to see him perform several of his new songs at the Austin treasure, Waterloo Records. I went home with a signed LP and played it while Rob and I made dinner. He was really impressed and liked it a lot, and so do I.

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Typhoon at KUTX studios in Austin, TX – February 6, 2018


Typhoon provided a loud, dynamic performance with beautiful but dark and sad undertones. Clearly they are from Portland, OR. I mean, look at those grunge flannels and warm caps. It was cold in Austin but even so, no one wears cozy like our friends from the Pacific Northwest. Their new album was inspired by memory, or rather the loss and fragmentation of it, explained lead singer, Kyle Morton to the KUTX live audience.

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