Tonight (8/11) it’s Wild Child at Cornerstone

It just seems like the right thing to do for so many reasons…

  1. Andee would want me to go to this show. And, in fact, she does. We spoke this morning before she headed to the New West Fest and she encouraged me (again) to go see them
  2. I’ve wanted to see Wild Child for awhile now because of Andee’s recommendation and because one of their songs has been in my Spotify playlist for a bazillion years, but it’s never worked out for a variety of reasons
  3. I’ve never been to Cornerstone for music and it seems like if I’m recommending shows at Cornerstone, I should probably check out the venue
  4. When I went to Spotify to listen to Wild Child, similar artists included Mt Joy who I like (well, I like the one or two songs that I’ve heard and I’ve been trying to see them). Digression: I missed them at SXSW and couldn’t go see them the last time they played the Bay Area because I was going to a different show (and I was not unhappy with my choice). That show ultimately sold out (which is awesome). The next show was announced at a larger venue (The Independent vs either du Nord or the Swedish — can’t remember which) and I stupidly waited to buy tickets and they sold out. I’m totally bummed! If anyone has an extra ticket to Mt Joy at the Independent next Friday night (8/17), let me know. I’ll totally take it off your hands and give it a good home. I promise!
  5. I get a ride to and from the show
  6. I haven’t been to a show in over a week!
  7. I don’t have plans to go to a show until this Sat* (8/18 — Nathaniel Rateliff) so it would be over TWO weeks if I did’t go tonight
  8. I don’t have any other plans this weekend (and while I don’t like to have plans on the weekends, it’s good to force myself to shower and leave the house occassionally)
  9. The show is $19 at the door. It’s hard to say no to a show that’s under $20 which reminds me that Parker Millsap tickets went on sale yesterday for The Chapel on Tuesday, October 30th. That show is also under $20 and it should sell out. That is not to say that it *will* sell out, that is to say that it *should* sell out. I’ve got my tickets plus 5 friends already. I can think of at least 4 more who will be going. He’s great; it’s gonna be a good time. You should buy your tickets before the show sells out; learn from my Mt Joy mistake!

Of course not all of the reasons listed above will apply to you personally, but perhaps some of them will or perhaps you can come up with one or two of your own to replace the ones that don’t apply to you. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

*unless someone offers me that Mt Joy ticket that is discussed in #4 Digression, then it would be exactly two weeks


SHEL at New West Fest in Fort Collins, CO

Sometimes you need to get out of town and sometimes the world blesses you with a free festival just a few blocks from your AirBnB where a band you love is playing. Oh, hi there SHEL!

These 4 sisters, from the Fort Collins area have recently moved to Nashville to record an album. It was a real treat to see them on their home turf with hometown fans. The show was the opening act for Saturday, starting just before noon. In spite of the early start time, it was well attended.

The gals harmonize like only sisters can. Also like any group of siblings, they are each very different from each other but the familial tie that binds them is obvious and adds to their allure. The folks in Colorado already know that this is a band to watch!

Israel Nash @ Scoot Inn with Curtis Rousch and Feverbones

July 27. Israel Nash, the tall, scraggly teddy bear releases an album tonight. He kinda reminds me of the dude, super chill and probably full of sage advice, like what color rug I need to tie my room together.

The opener, Curtis Rousch (also from Bright Light Social Hour) was already playing when we arrived at 8pm. Sadly many folks missed him. They got to see Feverbones, which just doesn’t really do it for me. Their music isn’t bad and at times sounded like Jim James but it just wasn’t my jam.

On the other hand, Roush puts on a great live show that took me on trips, zoning out during the guitar solos and watching the dusk sky and clouds. Did I mention that it was 100 something today in Austin, Tx?

So one thing that I can’t help doing is overlaying songs in my head that sound similar. Like the song in the video above from Curtis Roush, Space is Empty, with this one from Sharon Van Etten, Every time the Sun Comes Up. It’s a weird habit but once you hear it you can’t go back. Sorry, not sorry.

Israel Nash is next and I would guess it’s about 95 outside. There’s a breeze sometimes and the venue isn’t overly crowded. It’s full but there is space for a foot between everyone so we’re not a sweaty mess!

“The Neil Young of Texas” is what I heard one of our group say at the end of the night. I guess he is in a way. He certainly has the sound down. He also seems to have a talent for being together great musicians and bringing out the best in them. He also brings together good friends! Thanks to Rob, Cathy, Brian, and Bryan who joined me at the show.

The warm evening was perfect with tunes just chill enough for the summer breeze. Congrats to Israel on the new album.

Lifted by Israel Nash is out today.

Your plans for Sat night should include a trip to Marin

ShinyRibs will be performing at the Sweetwater. Why this show isn’t selling better is a mystery to me.
For anyone who doesn’t know, this is Kevin Russell of The Gourds with an incredible band backing him up. I had to steal the following blurb from their website cause I couldn’t say it better. ‘A Shinyribs show is an exaltation of spirit. It’s a hip shaking, belly laughing, soul-singing, song-slinging, down-home house party.’  And it is! They are the funnest!!! I really can’t recommend this show enough! It’s a performance and they give it everything.
For those of you who were lucky enough to see The Trishas, you might recognize one of his back-up singers, Kelly Mickwee. I’d like to take a moment here to say just how much I miss The Trishas and I hope to see them again some day but in the meantime, I get to see one of them continuing to perform.
Also, I might have a thing for the keyboard player.
Kevin performs for the entire show. He dances. He sings (of course). He plays stringed instruments. Sometimes there’s a conga line. His band is incredibly talented and fun. It’s really not to be missed. I would be there, except for a ‘wifely’ duty and a lack of wheels.

The other thing that makes them fun is the covers they choose to reinterpret and cover. They did a Bowie cover (‘Golden Years’) when I saw them last and that was AWESOME! And ‘Thrift Store’… yeah, they’re pretty much amazing!

Rad Trads

Terrible name, decent band.These guys are from Brooklyn and share the stage. They each sing their songs and back each other up like a modern Backstreet Boyz. But there is no dancing, unless you count the trumpet guy who dances a little.

Langhorn Slim & the Lost at Last Band with the Harvest Thieves

It’s always a great time when Langhorne Slim comes to town! He has moved on from “The Law” and is playing with the “Lost at Last” Band but nothing has changed really. In the intimate space of Antone’s we shared a wonderful evening among good music lovers. Langhorne, a.k.a. Sean Scolnick spent a lot of the evening giving backstory to his tunes. You can easily see that the passion in his music is real and he wants his audience to know the why behind the song. This may at times exasperate his band. They had their version of the Jeopardy song they would start to play when his stories got a bit too long but it all seemed to be in jest. I might feel the same if I had heard the stories every night while on tour but as an audience member, I loved hearing the backstory about his vintage car and recovering it after it was stolen!Overall Langhorne still continues to deliver an engaging live performance. He joined the audience a few times, sang directly to many of his fans and even chose to give love to a heckler. Sobriety sometimes takes the edge away from an artist. Langhorne seems to be able to channel his sobriety experience into art, making it an even better performance.The opening band, Harvest Thieves is an Austin band that I cannot recall seeing before but I will happily see them again. They are very much a band Jenn Marks will love; a little dirty, a little greasy, great rock and good melodies. Did you hear that San Francisco? When they go on tour, go see this band!

The festival is over

UPDATE:  OMG!  How did I forget about Charley Crockett?!?  Awesome stuff.  Check out his World Cafe Live interview!

But I have new favorites… The War and Treaty! They made me cry but they also made me dance, even in the ridiculous heat.

And Kuinka, they were my other festival faves. Kuinka will be at the Marin JCC at the end of this month, Saturday July 28th to be precise, and they’ll be playing with the Rainbow Girls. Bonus!



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